Message from the Executive Director

Throughout my 33-year career, I’ve had the privilege of assuming diverse leadership roles within the English public education sector. These experiences have prepared me for my current position as the Executive Director of the Association of Administrators of English Schools of Quebec (AAESQ).


My active involvement in professional associations, including AAESQ as well as my role as President of my local association, AMSA, highlights my dedication to improving the educational landscape within our province. Through these experiences, I have gained an understanding into the inner workings of associations, provided me with a skill set and knowledge of educational leadership and mentorship.

As the Executive Director of AAESQ, I am honoured to represent over five hundred English school, center, and board level administrators across Quebec. In this role, I am determined to provide support and guidance to members in the areas of working conditions, professional growth, and legal representation. I am also dedicated to representing the Association’s interests and that of the English community on various ministry and Anglo-partner tables and committees. My goal is to foster the growth of leadership skills among our members and advocate for the delivery of high-quality education within our public education system.

Yours in education,
Evelyne Alfonsi