PD Funding and Criteria

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Each year the AAESQ budget will provide an allocation for the professional development of its members in accordance with clearly established priorities. Applications for assistance must be received at the AAESQ office by the 27th of November for consideration at the Executive meeting in December. The appropriate form providing details on expenses to be incurred and other possible sources of funding must accompany all requests.

 For this school year, the allocation has been established at $15,000.


The order of priority will be:

Providing funds to locals for professional development activities. It is understood that the priority will be given to locals from the more remote regions in the province and then to locals around and in the Montreal region. 



Providing funds for professional development activities to AAESQ members from the more remote regions in the province. This priority establishes a maximum amount that will be allocated at $750/member/year. It shall be clearly understood that applications in this category must include information on the additional funding from other sources. Events such as Spring Conference, QPAT Conference and McGill workshops supported by ELC will only be considered.


It is understood that if the $15,000 is not fully allocated by the prescribed date as of the Executive meeting in December, then Locals will be informed that additional applications will be considered by the Executive.


Individual members may also benefit after the December Executive meeting, provided funds are still available following the fulfillment of the previous 3 priorities. Individual members may apply for funding to events not listed in priority #2. The Executive table would then consider these requests.


Note: Access to CPCG and CPD documentation is available through ACSQ and FQDE websites.