Current Trends in Education

The new approach retains the six-day workshop format but extends it over two years, complemented by supporting webinars in the intervals between the residential sessions.

 Leadership takes many forms within our schools, centers, and administrative offices. While the primary audience comprises current administrators and those aspiring to such roles, leadership training can be an asset to individuals who may not envision themselves as future school administrators but still play essential roles as educational leaders.

For the program details, please visit the LCEEQ website

There is no registration fee for the package. LCEEQ members are eligible, and the Cost Sharing Policy is applicable to all participants. You can find all the necessary information at the provided link.  

You are encouraged to demonstrate your commitment to continuous learning by participating in this valuable opportunity, as well as inspire others to do so.

We are confident that this endeavor will prove to be a valuable investment for all those contributing to its success!